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welcome to DCR, we're primarily CW versed but do accept characters from other arcs and are willing to work with you on any DC character not related to any of our shows or canons.
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24.04.17 Skin completed and plot addition added.

28.04.17 Changes are complete, CANONS WANTED!.

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Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers, to help you before you decide whether DCR is the right place for you.

What's the lay of the land?

Answer: Each verse is based in their own cities of one earth. Our main plot takes place in Gotham and will branch out to other cities which means you can move around from city to city, stay a while take in the sights and meet other canons in doing so. We have however moved some of our cities so that there's less distance to travel between each city. For more info on this CLICK HERE.

Where do we start from?

Answer: Our CW ** versed canons pick up at the end of their last seasons. **

However you can roleplay or pick up from any start point with your rp posts, you can revisit headcanon plots by posting in the paradox forum or start your own journey, into the next season - your way.

Can I create an OC?

Answer: Of course you can, we welcome original characters here and all we ask is that your app's are in depth - especially where their powers or abilities are concerned.

Note in depth powers/abilities/skills/weaknesses are required because we consider us to be 'real world' human beings character wise and if you are unique (ie. have gifts/powers) then we need to know from the get-go who or what you are and or what you can do. We also require information on how you came to be this way and what you could become. Everyone has weaknesses even the Supers.

What about aliens?

Answer: What about them?

Yes they are accepted here, but in limited numbers.

Any Kryptonian based characters would be accepted if they fit in with the CW Supergirl lore (OC Kryptonians would be Fort Rozz escapee's), also its worth noting that family members are to be canon only for both Kal-El and Kara-El.

Amazonians, they are accepted here as OC's or Canons, but are considered rare and to be here on this Earth - they would need a good excuse and an in depth app to figure it all out in.

Atlantians, yes these are allowed because we have found Atlantis. But again in limited numbers.

Other Aliens, would depend on the history and their species lore via DC comics on the whole but we can work with you once a fully submitted app has been posted, as long as you are willing to edit anything to be more lenient with our world and our rules.

Note If we get too much interest in Kryptonians, Amazonians or Atlantians they will be capped and a ban could be put up.

What about the cinematic verses?

Answer: Ok so with Superman, his lore is known thanks to his movies but with him joining Supergirl (season 2) we are looking for the two verses to be gelled together. As long as they gel together, then we're ok with Superman canons here.

Green Lantern, well we have two Green Lanterns here at the moment so we would really like to see at least One canon from the Lantern corp colour variants here. So one or two Red lanterns (max) to balance out the good/evil factor.

Suicide Squad, again we would prefer if the lore on the movie gels with the arrow and Flash verses. ex: Waller would be dead, since she died on Arrow. And the same can be said for the Justice League as we have not yet put them together into a team, so please bare this in mind.

How do we become meta-humans?

Answer: This is tricky to pin point to one aspect, because in the bat verse you could say that Poison Ivy is a meta human, lets face it accidents happen a lot in Gotham so there's that route to go down. Whilst in the Flash televised verse all metas were born/created on the night of the particle accelerator explosion.

However We are willing to work with you on the meta-gene if you don't know the flash tv verse then you could have an accident or gain your powers/abilities through experimentation, or radiation from Kryptonite (though this would be prolonged use in high quantities - a lot of Kryptonite would be needed to get your gene's this way). ** new powerplay added to the OC app process. **

Can I make an OC Speedster?

Answer: We are looking for different powers on the whole, a wide variety of abilities makes for some interesting histories, plots and can see teams face off against one another. Plus in the Flash series, there are already too many speedsters on the show, so over all the answer to this question is no.

Births, Deaths, Marriages can we?

Answer: Please run any of these decisions by either @Rach. or @Dick Grayson first before you start plotting with your characters for these intents and purposes. We will allow them, if the plot is right and if all parties agree.

However For temporary characters, who have died already on the show verses they can be NPC'd for a time, until their death occurs on site if needs be. For access to the NPC account, for OC's as well if you want some canon fodder, please pm @Rach. for more info.

Do you accept
other team/affiliations?

Answer: At the moment we DON'T accept any other teams other than those listed below.
Gorilla Army
Justice League
Justice Society of America
Lantern Corps
Legends of Tomorrow
Suicide Squad


** updates were added 3rd March 2017.

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