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welcome to DCR, we're primarily CW versed but do accept characters from other arcs and are willing to work with you on any DC character not related to any of our shows or canons.
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24.04.17 Skin completed and plot addition added.

28.04.17 Changes are complete, CANONS WANTED!.

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 Welcome Pack & Rules.
Apr 14 2016, 11:42 AM Link Quote


Welcome to DCR, we are a DC multiverse brought together in one world, one timeline. Our RPG is set in the year 2016. We are willing to work with you on any DC character not listed in our canon list, though understand that we may deem some (but not all) inappropriate for our site, depending on the plot as it advances.

This thread will hopefully aid you in your registration process and perhaps go on to help you with roleplaying with us for the foreseeable future. The staff here are dedicated writers here, yes that's right we do consider ourselves to be avid writers, with often rapid responses and are looking for like minded people with a love for our chosen shows to keep the drama and the replies coming back and going around throughout the site on a whole.

Please read our F.A.Q for more info on characters.


Register on site with your Characters first and Surname.
A valid email address is required for all of your accounts with us. (you can use the same Email for all each account you hold.)
If you don't know which canon to take just yet, register with an OOC alias and PM a member of staff to talk through your options. ( @Rach.or @Dick Grayson ).


You can start a work in progress app anytime, but note that you have 7 days to complete your app. After this time it will deemed dead or unwanted anymore and will be archived.
Please use the correct app template for your character and tag a member of staff to look it over once its completed.

@[Rach.] or @[dick grayson]
can both accept/deny or pend your app. (if its put into Pending or Denied you will be contacted via PM as to why).


Face claims, Canon lists and Member census must be completed by you once your app has been accepted.


You're allowed a maximum of six characters per member.
You must have 10 replies, between two threads before you can apply for more characters. Ask a member of staff if unsure about this process.


It is compulsory to have a plot page here to help build on muse and keep everyone on the same timeline. It doesn't have to be anything fancy.
Plotting via other forms such as PM or AIM is allowed but a plot page is a must, so that everyone can get in touch with you.


All characters are required to do a minimum of one reply every week.
We would like to see a minimum of 300 words per post, from you. We do however understand that this is sometimes a struggle and so, this isn't a forced rule.


Always tag the next player in your reply.

@[first surname]

Use the shoutbox with a valid link to the thread and characters name, so we can see its 'our' go.
[url=link to thread]name of thread[/url] characters name.

Track your topics via a tracker as a backup.


If you go unseen for a week, you will be contacted via PM.
If no reply to the PM is given you will be contacted via Email.
If this Email goes unreplied to, you will be deleted after the time stated in the Email, which is usually 48 hours. (this PM and Email Process lasts for a max of another week, making your inactivity a two week stint).
A thread is considered dead after 10 days since the last reply was posted.
Inactive threads can be continued at anytime, just let us know when to pull it out of the archives.


Common sense must prevail at all times, you can be as silly as you like but don't go too far with anyone about anything.
If you have a problem with someone in particular or with the site in general contact @Rach.


Yes we do have one, check the site for a redirect forum with a link to this box and have fun!


Please ensure you fill in all of the content into your profile, so that we can see on all of our skins who or what your character is and have access to their stuff n thangs.
Avatars are 250x400 and signatures are to be no larger than 500x200.

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