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welcome to DCR, we're primarily CW versed but do accept characters from other arcs and are willing to work with you on any DC character not related to any of our shows or canons.
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24.04.17 Skin completed and plot addition added.

28.04.17 Changes are complete, CANONS WANTED!.

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 Canon List, MOST WANTED
Feb 5 2016, 07:56 PM Link Quote


Below are our canons, colour coded for easier reference purposes. Crimson names are TAKEN, Cadet Blue are OPEN for application and any other colour are currently inactive. Bolded names are an advisement for faceclaim choice. If you're interested in any canon, just let a member of staff know so we can figure out ownership or adoption.

note:: not all canons are listed, to keep this list relatively short. Once a canon is taken it/you will be added to our list.

Arthur Curry

Is wanted along side the rest of the Justice League to bring together the CW verses, in one unified team for TRUTH and JUSTICE.

Barry Allen

We could use his speed and rapid healing to save the world from being over-run by villains, metas and aliens.

Bruce Wayne

Is still kicking and keeping an eye on everyone and everything that is happening in his City.

Clark Kent

Henry Cavill - Superman is not dead as he is seen and active on the Supergirl verse, so you will need to combine the Bat vs Superman storyline with the Supergirl verse if you want to be our man of steel and help us take down Luthor, the coming Zod and so much more inbetween.

Dick Grayson

Is going it alone as Nightwing and is finding his own way to do things.

Edward Nygma

Because why not?

Hal Jordan

Is fighting the good fight alongside Supergirl in bringing the Kryptonite plot to an end.

Harley Quinn

Selina is retiring and Pamela may be tossed in Arkham, who will run things if not for Harls?

Jack Napier

You can't have a Batsy without Mistah J!

Jonathon Crane

Imagine what you could do with a little help from Ivy? Be quick though she may get tossed in Arkham any day now!

Kara Danvers

Is on a mission to help all aliens fit in on Earth and is working with other heroes in stopping the Kryptonite plot.

Lex Luthor

Is in prison but his need to be out, to clear his name is HIGHLY sought after in an attempt to continue our plot we need Lex to build his Metahuman army.

Mick Rory

Is undercover as a thief in Gotham, spying on Lex Luthor and his cronies in an attempt to foil his plans of becoming Mayor of Gotham.

Oswald Cobblepot

A smallfry in the great pond, but a King-pin all the same, as he deals in weaponry and more.

Pamela Isley

Mother nature created more Kryptonite and sold it on the black market, she ruled over our OC Kryptonian Jane and attempted to take down Supergirl. What would Superman have to say about this and can the Bat stop her or is it too late?

Patrick O'Brian

Has recently joined us and is finding his feet as a hero whilst working along side Catwoman in an Orphanage / drugs situation.

Ray Palmer

Bring out the big guns, more Legends are needed to stop Luthor from becoming Mayor.

Sara Lance

Is the captain of the Wave-rider but is here in this time, to stop Luthor from becoming Mayor.

Selina Kyle

Is almost retired as Catwoman, is looking to take things slow and have a 'normal' life whilst running an orphanage.

the codes

taken names
<h2 style='background:crimson; color:white;'>first last</h2> <blockquote>short description of what they're up to here.</blockquote>
wanted names
<h2 style='background:#5374A6; color:white;'>first last</h2> <blockquote>short info about why they're needed.</blockquote>
inactive names
<h2 style='background:white; color:black;'>first last</h2> <blockquote>details go here</blockquote>

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Jul 15 2016, 03:31 PM Link Quote


changes have been made 28th April.

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