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 Cat call., Catwoman's wants!
Mar 13 2017, 10:54 AM Link Quote

Selina Kyle
full name: Selina Kyle
nickname: Catwoman
age: thirty-seven
hometown: Gotham
occupation: Orphanage Owner, Caregiver.
member group: Villain & Hero.
status: In a relationship with Bruce Wayne.
Selina is publicly known as being Catwoman. She's been caught red-handed many a time, by the Batman and of course numerous GCPD detectives and incarcerated for some crimes. Over the years she's pulled off many a heist and done many a bad thing. Lately though, her bad-old days are pretty much behind her. She's been known to save lives, help victims and generally be a better person, thus she (with the help of Bruce Wayne) bought an orphanage with ideals of saving the children of Gotham, giving them a better start than she or her nearest and dearest ever had.

She's thinking about her future and where that may lead and is looking for someone to pass on the cat mantle to.

I play four characters and am looking for these wants so that Selina's plots may continue and advance further. I can keep up with many plots, threads at once. I can guarantee at least two replies from me a week. Though my memory may fail me from time to time, so please contact me with ideas, plots or any ideas in general.

Faceclaim could be Margot Robbie or any other Harley FC and I would like her to revisit plots, in my timeline where the ladies were the Gotham Sirens. She would be in her thirties, slightly younger than Selina? Together with Poison Ivy they're a force to be reckoned with, against the Bat and so on. Selina is fiercely loyal to her friends and family, she loves them dearly and would do anything to keep them safe, but when lines blur between bad-things and if Bruce Wayne is involved in any of that, then Selina would definately find it hard to keep the two sides of her life separate.

In the present, with Selina being a 'good' person what does this mean for her friends and their lives shared together thus far, where do they go from here? Yes Selina would still care, would want only good things for them too but if Harley stayed with Jack (Joker) and continued her life of crime and mayhem, would this rift push the sirens apart?

SAMUEL BRADLEY JR. WANTED A under cover GCPD detective, faceclaim is OPEN and his age would also be in the mid-thirties range. He's wanted because he is the father to Selina's daughter Helena. So they need to get to know one another ASAP before Selina's biological clock runs out, this could be a one night stand as is stated on the DC comics page or a continual affair or something more. There's room for improvement here as not much is known about this character, his code-name though is SMART BOMB. You have free reign here really with this character.
HOLLY ROBINSON WANTED If the previous wants are taken, then Selina would have no choice but to hang up her catsuit and for this to happen, she needs a protege to hand it down to. This would be Holly! The faceclaim for Holly is OPEN as is her age would be Late Twenties to early Thirties as she's got a pretty decent origin story and so you have free-reign here with Holly and lots of past plots and current ones to re-live and plot out with me.


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