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 patrick o'brian
Mar 25 2017, 12:19 PM Link Quote

Patrick O'Brianplayed by SHADOW
age 30
member groupcanon: Hero
loyalty Batman
occupation Ex-Thief/Consultant
relationship status Divorced
playby Miles Teller
Humorous/Cheerful: Regardless of the situation, Patrick will always be the one to look at the silver lining or attempt to lighten the mood in some way. For the most part, he does this by pointing out how the situation could even be more dire, which for the most part works for most situations. If worst comes to worse, then he will come up with a quick quip, a jovial joke or a serendipitous story to add a more positive element to the atmosphere around him.

Creative/Abstract Thinker: As if connected to his physical change, the way that Pat thinks has been altered in a similar manner. He is capable of coming up with these rather random theories or solutions to problems that most other people wouldn't think. While most would think that he is off his rocker, the outcomes have proven that he has some idea as to what he is doing.

Beta-mind/Confidence Issue: While he is always ready to fight or jest, Pat seldom voices his own opinion on a situation unless he is directly asked to do so, which usually isn't the case when he is around other costumed individuals. From his experience, taking the lead on anything in a group is not his role, so he will always defer to another.

Tactful/Fibber: While most would say honesty is the best policy, life has taught him that filtering ones words can keep one from stirring the hornet's nest, so Patrick will always stop himself from being brutally honest with a person in a serious tone. Joking criticism is okay, but straight truth is a big 'no-no' for him.

Powers: After an accidental bath in an unknown chemical, Patrick's body was transmuted into an extremely malleable for that has kept him in a fluid state that allows him to control his body's molecular structure to the point that he can make himself stretch, change shape/size, become temporarily stronger and perform the most spectacular of contortionist feats. Due to the state that he is in, his body is also highly resistant to most forms of damage (acid, electricity, stabbing, bullets and blunt force), and for what he can't completely resist his body is capable of slowly reforming over time as it isn't truly destroyed but dispersed into tiny molecules.

Some unforeseen aspects of his new structure are that his body has become a detector of ultrasonic frequencies as it will begin to ripple like a pool of water whenever one is occurring near him, his mind has become more fluid in nature which makes him resistant to telepathic scan and his internal organs are capable of being moved to other parts of his body.

Theoretically, Patrick might also be immortal as his body doesn't seem to age like normal people, but there is no evidence to back that notion yet.

Weaknesses: While he can't truly die, there are many things that can harm Pat to the point that he wished he was among those that had fallen. Extreme changes in temperature can disperse his form as long as they are sudden, and while his body will repair itself the ordeal will leave him highly traumatized and could result in any number of mental issues to occur. His body is also susceptible to solvents like acetone, which literally leaves him as a puddle like form until the compounds are neutralized in some way.

The final thing to note isn't really a weakness as opposed to an inconvenience. The chemicals also altered the clothing in the warehouse, but they weren't the most subtle of things as the colors didn't go well together. Definitely makes it harder to stealth around a dark city when red, yellow and black are one's trademark.

Costume: What can only be described as a wannabe gymnast, Patrick was only able to find a red, black and yellow leotard from the forties at the site of the incident as well as a pair of equally ancient goggles.

Skills: With a previous decade of thievery, Pat has some ability as a detective as he is able to get into the mindset of other thieves to track them or stolen goods down. There aren't many situations where he can't perceive if it is the obvious crime or if something more complex is occurring.

Transportation: While hitching a ride on a moving car or person is an option, Patrick is capable of shaping himself into something to get around depending upon the circumstance. (Examples: Hand glider, parachute, bouncy ball, a wheel or even elongated legs.)

A pair of hidden eyes watched the room with great interest as a group of men began to filter through the door, and it was quite clear to anyone that these were not the type of people who did charity work. No, these men were all wearing business suits and had hired muscle with them as they took there places around a table where a deck of cards were placed. Within moments, the men were smoking cigars and throwing around money like it was just leaves that were picked up off the ground, and the smell in the room had already been unpleasant before the smoke.

"How goes the operation at the docks," said a rather old and obese gentleman asked in no one in particular. Out of those assembled,this was the one who seemed to hold the most authority in the group, which was further proven as the others tensed up when he first opened his mouth.

"The shipment arrived later than expected, but my boys should have it on the streets in the morning. The profits should start rolling in soon, boss."

Slam! A pair of fists were brought down on the table by the older gentleman as he stood up. "The morning?!?! I want that product on the street within the hour or else I'll have your head on a pike," he bellowed. The room grew quiet as this was said, but the other gentleman who spoke pulled out his cell phone and began punching in some numbers.

It seemed he was rather worried about where his head was going to be in a few moments. "Jackie, you get down to the warehouse and start distributing the goods. I don't care what time it is.I want this done tonight!" The man didn't wait for a response as he closed his phone while waiting for some approval from their leader.

"Good. Now unless there are any other issues I need to know about, how about we continue the game?" With the tension gone, everyone began to get back into the usual rhythm that had been established.

Even the thugs were beginning to loosen up and start up a game of darts, which wasn't going well as the darts began bouncing off the board. "What is up with this weird looking board? Nothing seems to stick in it," said the last thrower as he grabbed the dart board.

Almost instantly, the board grew an arm and smacked the man across the face. "Who are you calling weird? Compared to you, I am a genuine fashionista," said Patrick as his body grew out of the gaming device. "Also, the guy with the curly hair has been slipping cards from his sleeves the entire time."

Momentarily stunned, the leotard wearing individual was able to dispatch the men in the room with a whirlwind of outstretched arms and some quips about their waist lines. Picking up the phone that had been used, Pat typed in the number for the police. "Yes, I am calling to report a bunch of smoking scum bags at this location. Oh, and I am about to do a drug bust down by the docks if anyone like you coppers are interested. Rubber Dude out!"

Dropping the phone without hanging up, he exited the building and began proceeding to the docks. It seemed hero time was truly a twenty-four hour gig.


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welcome to rebirth

Your app has been accepted, please update our canon list and stake your claims here and here.
Thank you.

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