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 The Symbol of Hope.
Jul 27 2016, 11:41 AM Link Quote

Wednesday, July 27, 2016
Catco Worldwide Media

Summer Fashion line released
Hot off of the runway.
Our latest fashion line has been released today, head on over to our website to find out where you can get your hands on all the latest fashion wears to suit your style. for all body types #FashionLine

Supergirl takes a time out?

Our very own National hero, after saving the world from the Kryptonian mind controlling threat, has reassured me that she is still out-there keeping an eye out for any new up and coming dangers but she has not been seen for quite some time now. Is she sick, do Kryptonians get sick? Or is she simply taking a back seat now, that we have shown her that we can also stand up to these metahumans that are known to be among us? Do not fear people, I have on speedial and will be questioning her on her recent absence... Stay tuned for her response, in next weeks edition. #Supergirl


This edition seems to be all about hope and us being a race who either need saving from unknown dangers or from ourselves, but there in lies the truth of the matter. There is always hope among us, just recently I interviewed a Catco prize winner and questioned him on his work. And of how his art, inspires those in need. Its inspiration such as this that makes us a nation, of fighters and believers that we are a race worth fighting for. Kyle Rayner of Los Angeles has been an up and coming Artist in the shadows for quite some time now. But now he has been recognised as quite the talent. And at just Twenty-Four years old, my prediction is that he will go a long way. So Kyle, step out of the dark into the light and be recognised for who and what you are.

His work began on the streets, where at first he was dubbed as a tagger but from there his work has grown and is now being seen and sold as pieces of art. He told me that even though he's single and that he is self taught he pulls inspiration from all around him, specifically the beach and now it is up to you go and see his work for yourselves. Thanks to our recognition of him, his work is now being shown in galleries all across the States. He is truly inspirational and yet a humbled and what you may call 'normal' in this strange world we now live in. But it is people like him, that help us to get out of bed in the morning and help us to face those new dangers together!. This has been my first piece and hopefully not my last and can only hope that we all keep on doing what we are doing to make tomorrow bigger and brighter for us all. #KyleRayner

Kara Danvers

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