Superman is Dead?
Lex Luthor is running for Mayor of Gotham.
The Joker has gone into hiding after killing Jason Todd.
The Legends of Tomorrow are trying to fix a time apparition in Gotham.
Poison Ivy is also in hiding after infecting Supergirl with Red Kryptonite.

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Rebirth latest news: STAFF WANTED!
Welcome back; your last visit was on Today
Last post by Rach. on Jan 17 2017, 11:13 AM in STAFF WANTED!.
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Check regularly for updates from the staff.

Last post by Rach. on Aug 10 2016, 11:05 AM in F.A.Q.
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All the important topics can be found in here.


   The Files
Last post by JORDAN LEWIS on Yesterday at 02:16 pm in Jordan Lewis [WIP].
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Copy the app codes and post in a new topic please.

Last post by JORDAN LEWIS on Yesterday at 02:47 pm in Face Claims.
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Stake your face claim and post in our member directory.
Last post by Rach. on Yesterday at 02:40 pm in A's Angels.
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Plot pages/Shippers, wanted ads and more.
Last post by Rach. on Jan 16 2017, 11:41 AM in most wanted canons!.
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If your character(s) need a certain someone in their life, request them here.

Last post by Pamela Isley on Yesterday at 08:27 pm in Its Not a Trap.
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Gotham city is in the state of New Jersey and Bludhaven is a smaller city or town near Gotham.
Last post by DIANA PRINCE on Yesterday at 07:21 pm in The Flood.
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Any other city, town or even country can be found in here.

Last post by Jane Vance on Jan 19 2017, 06:32 PM in it ain't easy being green.
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Time travel is real now, past and future events can be posted here.
Last post by Kara Danvers on Jul 27 2016, 11:41 AM in The Symbol of Hope..
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Reporters post their stories in here, for reading purposes only to keep us all informed.

Last post by SL Admin on Today at 04:11 am in SIRE LINES [JCINK].
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Check our master ads list before you post and remember that DOHTML is OFF and IMAGE-SCALER is ON.
Last post by Leonard Snart on Yesterday at 11:08 am in Hot Or Not.
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Fun off topics, for our members.

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